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Becoming a client

Changing accountant can be very difficult and stressful. Our aim is to make this transition as convenient as possible for you. We created a step by step guide to making sure we don’t miss anything important in the process.

Step one

The first step is to set up an initial meeting to identify what areas you need help. This is completely free and can be done through a video call if you have a busy schedule.

Step two

After the assessment of your needs, we can put together an action plan and agree on the fees. As we working on the fixed fee bases you will be aware all the cost in advance without any surprises.

Step three

After you agreed to take us as your accountant we draft the service agreement and start dealing with the paperwork including contacting your current accountant (if you have one). We will send them a Professional Clearance Letter which asks them to provide all the information we need to know about your accounts. This information should reach us within 4 weeks.

There will be forms to complete but we promise to complete as much of these as possible to make the process hassle-free.

Please fill out the form below to set up the initial meeting.

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