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Limited Liability Partnerships



We assure you about the full compliance on every single aspect essential for the complete setup and maintenance of your LLP. Starting from registering the address to the preparation of the final accounts, we can be the all-inclusive service provider for you. It is here to note that the registered address is made publicly apparent. However, we need a minimum of two designated members. Upon having the same, our professionals go for making the LLP agreement, with utmost clarity about the functionality of the LLP. Ultimately, your LLP gets registered with Companies House and HMRC.

Those who want to go in detail about the rules assigned for establishing an LLP, here we have provided the complete information. However, noteworthy here is to mention that the norms often vary for establishing genuine partnership businesses and Ltd companies.

As per the rule, the name can’t be similar, or even equivalent to the name of other registered LLPs. Moreover, the name should have LLP or Limited Liability Partnership at the end. Check out the following norms to avoid confusion about what exactly the similar names mean.

  • Name where the only difference is a punctuation mark is not allowed. Similarly, it’s also not accepted if the only difference is a unique character or even a numerical symbol.
  • It’s not allowed if the name contains a symbol, character, punctuation mark, or any mark that looks identical as of an existing name.
  • It’s not accepted if the name contains a word that is precisely the same as the existing name or the words frequently used.

The “same” name can be registered only if-

  • The LLP is a part of the concerned group of the company with the original existing name.
  • If the existing company confirms in writing that it has no objection if its name is used

Complaints at the Companies House

One might have to go for changing the name if claims are made if the Companies House agrees that it is ‘Too Like.’ On such occasions, Companies House communicates the concerned company if they think it is equivalent. At the same time, they also suggest what can be done on that matter.

Apart from these, the name chosen can’t be allowed in the following conditions as well. 

  • If the concerned name of LLP has something offensive, it is also not accepted if the LLP’s name includes something that is ‘sensitive’ in any manner, not just the word. It’s not allowed even if it’s just an expression.
  • If the name has anything in common or any kind of link with a government organization or local authorities, it is not accepted. However, if someone takes permission from the concerned organization, it might be permitted. In fact, for using the terms like ‘Accredited’ in the name, one has to seek special permission from the local authority.

We at Spartan Accounting Ltd. can provide all-out help regarding name, including the exceptional cases and permission related affairs.

Go through the following sections to know about the words, for which one needs permission.

  • A ‘business name’ is an alternate name that can be used for trading for the concerned registered name. However, there are certain constraints about the business name as discussed below; those are discussed below.
  • It must not be containing the terms like ‘Limited,’ ‘Ltd,’ ‘LLP,’ or even ‘Public Limited Company.’
  • It must not be having the same trademark symbol as of the existing ones. However, one may register the name of the LLP itself as a trademark for not allowing others to do business under the same name.

Using a ‘business name’

One can trade under the specific registered name or may select another brand name, often touted as the ‘business name.’ However, it is not essential to register the concerned ‘business name,’ though.

It is, however, necessary to include the complete details of the partners associated with the business for meeting needful compliance regarding official documentation. The documents

Discussed below rules are to be followed by the concerned company regarding its registered address.

  • The registered address is essential to be a physical address (not a web or digital address). Moreover, the address should belong to the same nation where the concerned LLP is registered. It means if the LLP is registered in the UK, the address should also be in the UK.
  • One may make use of a PO Box. However, it is equally important to have a physical address as well, along with proper postal code, along with the PO BOX.
  • It is allowed to use the home address. However, one must have it in mind that the name is made apparent publicly. Be it about residential or non-residential, Spartan Accounting Ltd can be the one-stop destination for a whole range of registration affairs.

Many are not aware, but it is possible to register the LLP pretty quickly. All that it needs is thoroughly approved software. One may follow the traditional modes of using the post as well. No need to worry if you are not confident about handling these things; we at Spartan Accounting Group Ltd can handle these all for you.

It is important to note that a properly authorized incorporation certificate is issued after the registration of LLP is completed.

In LLP, it is essential to have a minimum of two designated members. Especially, they should be the members to have proper answers or data regarding tax optimizationaffairs. At least they should be associated with more significant responsibilities like handling company accounts. As far as ordinary members are concerned, any number of members are allowed for this.

It is essential to follow a proper LLP agreement with any additional member, who is a part of establishing the LLP. This builds things regarding the functionality of the LLP, which includes-

  • The model of profit-sharing between the associated members
  • About who must follow the set norms
  • Regarding the responsibilities of the members
  • Modes of adding members, and the ways of leaving

Though one may set these norms of own, it’s always suggested to take help of a professional attorney in this regard.

Must for the members

It is essential as per LLP regulations that the associated members should handle their responsibilities. Moreover, they are necessary to fulfil the legal roles as established under the rules of LLP.

Each of the members is essential to make registration regarding Self-Assessment with the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Must for the designated members

The designated members of the LLPs must-

  • Get registered with the business for Self-Assessment with HMRC. It is also essential for the concerned member to get registered distinctly.
  • Make the partnership registered regarding VAT, in those occasions where the trade is expected to cross a certain amount in one year. If needed, it might be essential to hire an auditor.
  • Have the details of accounting
  • Have, authorize, and deliver yearly accounts to Companies House.
  • Deliver an acknowledgement statement to the Companies House,
  • State Companies House regarding the needful changes, be it about the registration name or address.
  • Work for the organization even when it goes through a rough patch

It is here to note that the designated members can also be legally grilled upon not meeting the legal compulsions.

It is essential to inform the Companies House regarding the changes made with the registered address of it, as well as the additional address. They should also notify about the changes made to the alternate address.

For making changes with the registered address

The best way to do this is to go with the online service of Companies House. One may download the form and provide needful details to make changes with the registered address of LLP.

To make changes at the points of keeping LLP details  

LLPs must make use of the online service of the Companies House to alter the address where the details of it are stored, in case it is not the same as of the registered address. It is also essential to intimate Companies House about the details being taken to the alternate address.

Interested contenders for LLP exterior to the UK are primarily interested in availing of the tax advantages. It certainly involves various kinds of advantages. We at Spartan Accounting Group Ltd hold an immense reputation in such tax optimization affairs. Those who feel it challenging, we have a huge range of service packages available for greater help. The best part is that we offer flexible packages to meet everyone’s budget constraints. Each of these includes distinguishing feats, made in a customized fashion for the greater help of the client company.

With us, starting an LLP for non-residents is a much simpler aspect that expected. At Spartan Accounting Group Ltd, we can have your LLP set only within a few hours. Not just about forming an LLP, we also offer additional services related to it to ensure that the organization runs securely without any legal complications. We also remain available for you 24 x 7 to receive your queries and address the same.

The rules meant for an LLP setup for non-residents have to vary from that of a local resident. Most of the people struggle on this matter as they lack thorough knowledge about the regulations. On the other hand, it’s quite crucial to function in a hassle-free manner for an LLP to maintain reputation well. However, upon not complying with the regulations, hassles are quite obvious. To have a thorough peace of mind and assurance of the best possible start, you can trust us at Spartan Accounting Group Ltd.

We can lodge the entire requisite details and fulfil the documentation affairs, starting from the accounting to taxation. In short, we can assure you about getting started with the venture only within a few hours. For any assistance, connect with us through our customer support wing.

It is essential to understand that an LLP needs a proper bank account before the initiation of trading through it. The good news is that we at Spartan Accounting Group Ltd. can help you in opening an account, as well as for filling the yearly returns. We can help you in making your LLP ready and submitting the yearly accounts at the Companies House. All in all, we can assure you complete accomplishment of the entire affair related to the service.

Those who are struggling about registering their office address or needful services regarding members, we can be the all-inclusive platform. Similarly, our service can be gratifying for thorough verification of documents. For any kind of consulting regarding LLP establishment, feel free to connect with us anytime.

Among the whole range of affairs related to LLP, verification of corporate documents is considered the most challenging. Specifically, things get significantly challenging when it comes to verification through an apostille acknowledgement stamp. Well, no need to worry at all with Spartan Accounting Group Ltd. We are already massively experienced on this matter and assure you the best possible solution in the quickest time.

Not just to set up or incorporate, we assure complete help for those who want simply a registration of partnership. Feel free to communicate with us on this matter through call or mail on this matter.

There are many around the globe keen about setting up their LLP. However, they would wish to have adequate knowledge of the various associated advantages, as mentioned before. If you are wondering about which can be a reliable source to gather useful consulting on this matter, we at Spartan Accounting Group Ltd can be the best consultant for you. Moreover, we are always available to help you with this matter. Anyway, discussed below are a few of the key advantages one may take in to account for a quick reference.

  • The foremost advantage behind the incorporation of LLP is the significant leeway it offers in terms of taxation. Here, one can expect to make noteworthy money with great relaxation about taxation affairs.
  • Each of the members of an LLP only has confined liability for the debts and compulsions, which makes them more flexible and strategic. Not just during the operation, their liability is also quite confined during the rough phases or even close down.
  • The level of risk associated with a business person is much lesser with LLP than other business operation options.

Those who want to have a greater dig on this matter being specific about the UK are suggested to refer to the LLP Act 2000, section 1.

Be it about the non-resident or residents, LLP can assure incredible peace of mind for the members and partners. For example, those having their primary units established in Africa or outside the UK, but interested in leveraging advantages of UK laws, can feel free to connect with us at Spartan Accounting Group Ltd for all sorts of help. For a quick reference, we suggest that a recognized member of your LLP should be assigned as the in-charge for corporate management aspects here in the United Kingdom. No need to worry if you are struggling to find such a member based in the UK and agreeing to be part of your LLP; we can provide you with such members. If required, we are also flexible about setting up a whole new company for you over here. You can assign only a nominal percentage of shares for the concerned member, to ensure you don’t have to expend much on this matter. It is here to note that this is not just a random idea we just for those interested in entering the UK domain. Instead, we have worked and helped many LLPs in the same fashion.

We provide different opportunities for opening an LLP and registering VAT in concurrence. One may go for applying for VAT registration number while filling application for establishing an LLP. Our proficient team can assure all-out help in this regard. We hold years of experience in this regard. Moreover, we show you the way to enrich your business by leveraging the most effective global tax rates. We assure you complete help in the future as well. Starting from application filling to set up an LLP through VAT registration, we can be the all-inclusive option for you. Expect a whole range of support regarding a full range of tax obligation affairs as well with us.

All said and done, we at Spartan Accounting Group Ltd can be the perfect facilitator of your wise idea of making it big through the incorporation of LLP in the UK.

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