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Accounting for marketing agencies is a crucial part of your business to consider. At Spartan Accounting Group in London, we understand that running digital marketing or advertising agency is the type of business run by creative businesses. This often means that the financial side of things can be a tedious and unfulfilling aspect of the company. This is where having an expert marketing accountant like Spartan Accounting Group on your side can elevate your financial side to the next level. Not only should any marketing agency accountant worth their salt be able to help you with the usual accounting tasks, but also the specialised side and then some. 


Accounting for marketing agencies with Spartan Accounting Group also offers a range of additional high-quality services. This includes budgeting, performance indication, payroll, bookkeeping and cash flow forecasting. Marketing agency accounting doesn’t have to be a thorn in the side of your creative marketing agency. On the contrary, teaming up with marketing accountants who are passionate about marketing agency accounting can only benefit your business. Let Spartan Accounting Group in London stay on top of your advertising tax deductions, marketing expenses and so much more. Our accounting for marketing agencies experience means that you can rest assured that you are getting the best accounting services.

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Find the perfect accounting plan for your marketing agency

Offer a guarantee on the monthly payments – If the clients is not happy what they have received they can pay what they feel that the service is worth

These fees are for representation only. We work with fixed, turnover and volume base fees. For individual pricing don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

Just Started

From £25 / Month (or paid annually)
  • Annual Accounts
  • Corporation Tax
  • Confirmations Statement
  • Bookkeeping*
  • *Up to £15K turnover
  • *Under 100 bank transacitons
  • *Just started but haven't started to trade properly yet


From £75 / Month
  • Annual Accounts
  • Corporation Tax
  • Confirmations Statement
  • Basic Companies House Forms
  • Directors Payroll
  • Directors Self Assessment
  • Bookkeeping*
  • Free Email & Phone Support
  • LTD Remuneration Planning Before Year End
  • *Up to £85K turnover
  • *Under 600 bank transactions
  • *Actively trading

Growth Plan

From £295 / Month
  • Annual Accounts
  • Corporation Tax
  • Confirmations Statement
  • Basic Companies House Forms
  • Directors Payroll
  • Directors Self Assessment
  • Bookkeeping*
  • Dedicated Client Relationship Manager
  • Free Email & Phone Support
  • Quarterly Service Pricing Training
  • Quarterly Cash Flow Analysis
  • Quarterly VAT Return (including software licence)
  • LTD Remuneration Planning Before Year End
  • *Up to £1M turnover
  • *Under 4000 bank transactions
  • *Fast track growth plan


  • Assistance to open a business bank account (free £30 credit)
  • Business insurance check (it will be tailored to your needs)
  • Employment contract pack
  • Health and safety policy statements
  • Sales and Service contract pack
  • Website Notices and T's & C's
  • GDPR Compliance pack

Accounting Requirements for Advertising and Digital Marketing Agencies 

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Accounting for marketing agencies is important because of the ever-changing world of advertising and digital marketing. Spartan Accounting Group is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve at all times to ensure that we deliver only expert marketing agency accounting. For instance, budgeting within your business is an essential part of managing your finances effectively. There are various factors that are notorious for derailing even the best thought out budget. These can include projects, contracts, pitching prospects, as well as bidding for campaigns, to name a few. Therefore, it is important and beneficial to have budget planning as a part of your financial process.


Investing in accounting for marketing agencies also allows you to always have a clear view of your financial status by making use of performance indicators. At Spartan Accounting Group this means annual management accounting that is provided during the tax year. This allows you to get an overview of your final accounts, allowing you to assess your company’s performance or to make important decisions. In the marketing industry specifically, this is used to calculate key performance indicators such as earnings before interest, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA). Furthermore, your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and client lifetime value (CLV) are determined. Using these analyses strategically can help you to identify under-performing departments, staff or marketing services. 

Running a Successful Advertising and Digital Marketing Agency  

Spartan Accounting Group’s accounting for marketing agencies services also includes cash flow forecasting, which can help you to make sure the cogs are always turning. Spartan Accounting Group makes use of expert accounting software that allows you to keep accurate track of invoices and payments. This also provides us with the necessary information to help you with cash flow forecasting. Additionally, Spartan Accounting Group will also take care of your everyday accounting services such as bookkeeping and payroll. Our expert payroll services keep your staff members happy and compliant while honouring statutory obligations. Furthermore, Spartan Accounting Group will also take care of your marketing tax, filing and other essential tasks.


Accounting for marketing agencies is one speciality of Spartan Accounting Group in London. Let our expertise and experience as a marketing accountant help your advertising and digital marketing agency to be the best that it can be. From payroll through to digital service tax and everything in between, Spartan Accounting Group has you covered. We recommend getting in touch with our marketing agency accountants today to schedule your free 30-minute business consultation. No need to wonder; who are the best accountants for marketing agencies? With our accountants in London, you have the best of the best!

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