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Spartan Accounting Group caters to a host of various niche industries, on top of our general business and personal accounting services. Our vast experience in all things accounting offers our clients peace of mind that your sensitive financial needs are discreetly and expertly handled.

Retail Accounting Services


Running a retail service business is a competitive and fast-paced challenge. The retail industry is notoriously cutthroat and it pays to have professional accountants on your team. Spartan Accounting Group has many years of experience offering our business accounting services to retail businesses. Due to our expertise and knowledge in the field, we are able to help your business make sound financial decisions. We can also help you to stay in the loop about any legislative updates to make sure that you stay on top of your game. Our experienced SME accountants will guide you through the complex processes of submitting your business VAT and tax returns. Additionally, we will take care of your business’s preparation of statutory accounts, financial statements and statutory audit.

Construction Sector Accounting

The construction industry in the UK is an ever-expanding landscape of quirky legislative changes. Volatile in the sense that it is controlled by many outside influences such as property investment trends and global economic events, to name a few. It is important to secure experienced accountants in the construction field to help you to navigate the industry. With fierce competition around every corner, sound business advice from professionals will help your construction company to survive. Spartan Accounting Group will help you with your financial record-keeping, budgeting and forecasting. Furthermore, we aim to keep your business compliant with the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), as well HMRC. This includes ensuring that your annual submissions are accurate and submitted on time.


Spartan Accounting Group advisors are experts in the property and real estate fields, with many years of experience. We are here to help you with all the different aspects of accounting for property and real estate. This includes the increased legislation surrounding property accounting which has been imposed by financial providers. Additionally, the tax consequences are tricky to navigate and can easily be misunderstood. Inaccurate contributions can also lead to penalties, which we want to help you to avoid. This is especially true if you are running your property through your own small business. We can help you not only with the property side of things, but also your business accounting. This includes preparing business plans, risk management strategies, managing accounts and preparation of service charge accounts.

Ecommerce Accounts


The world in general has recently seen a massive shift from the physical world of business to the digital landscape. Many business owners have had to move their products online, resulting in more e-commerce businesses than ever before. Many e-commerce business owners are very nonchalant about their accounting, not thinking much about the niche aspect of it. However, the truth is that e-commerce accounting has its own specialised accounting requirements that you need to be aware of. We can help you with the tricky task of compiling accurate transaction data, sales tax for online sales, foreign transaction costs, etc. Don’t be ignorant about how important it is to have a good accountant run the financial department of your e-commerce business.

Accounting For the Service Industry

Spartan Accounting Group can help you with every financial aspect of successfully running your service business. This includes the best way in which to register your specific company, based on your individual needs. Each registration type comes with its own set of rules that we will help you to navigate. Furthermore, the service industry has its particular nuances, like most industries, when it comes to statutory contributions and submissions. We will not only help you to establish good record keeping habits, but also with the ever present need to remain compliant to the HMRC. Spartan Accounting Group has assisted many service businesses. This means that our vast knowledge of the industry allows us to provide our clients with sound business advice.

accounting for marketing agencies

Accounting for marketing agencies is a crucial part of your business to consider. At Spartan Accounting Group in London, we understand that running digital marketing or advertising agency is the type of business run by creative businesses. This often means that the financial side of things can be a tedious and unfulfilling aspect of the company. This is where having an expert marketing accountant like Spartan Accounting Group on your side can elevate your financial side to the next level. Not only should any marketing agency accountant worth their salt be able to help you with the usual accounting tasks, but also the specialised side and then some.


Accounting for marketing agencies with Spartan Accounting Group also offers a range of additional high-quality services. This includes budgeting, performance indication, payroll, bookkeeping and cash flow forecasting. Marketing agency accounting doesn’t have to be a thorn in the side of your creative marketing agency. On the contrary, teaming up with marketing accountants who are passionate about marketing agency accounting can only benefit your business.

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