Should My Company Be Paying Corporation Tax?

Corporation Tax

If you have been wondering whether or not your new business will need to pay over corporation tax, then you are in the right place! At Spartan Accounting Group in London, we have the necessary expert advice and experience to assist you with your corporation tax needs. In the UK, all limited companies are liable to pay corporation tax. Because of the way that limited businesses work, your personal and business finances are separated from one another. On the other hand, sole trader businesses are structured differently and thus are not liable to pay corporation tax. Spartan Accounting Group can assist your business with the subsequent yearly CT600 form to be submitted.

The CT600 form is the yearly corporation tax return that needs to be submitted to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). It is essential to submit the CT600 within the deadlines provided by HMRC if you want to avoid paying penalty fees. This deadline is usually within 9 months and 2 day of your company’s due date. The due date is unique to businesses and is typically the anniversary of the date on which the company was formed. Spartan Accounting Group in London specialises in aiding businesses diligently when it comes to submitting corporation tax returns on time.

Getting Better Acquainted with Corporation Tax Requirements

Once Spartan Accounting Group has determined that your particular business is liable for corporation tax, the next step is to establish how much you will need to pay. This process can be confusing, but with our expert corporation tax assistance you can rest assured that you are paying the correct amounts. Currently, corporation tax consists of 19% of your company income. However, for smaller companies this is capped at £300,000. For larger corporations with profits of £1.5m or more it is also 19%, with a marginal relief applied for amounts between the two thresholds. 


It is possible to reduce your corporation tax bill by claiming allowable expenses. These expenses include travel, subsistence, company cars, etc. In some cases this can even include your salary, however not when treated as dividends. The list of items is extensive and each has particular rules that need to be adhered to. Only permitted expenses should be included in your claim. This is where Spartan Accounting Group’s  expert corporation tax advice assists companies in saving on their company taxation. The government also has various programmes in place that offer specific business types and industries additional relief. Spartan Accounting Group will help your company determine if you can claim under these schemes.

Corporation Tax

Let Us Help Your Business with the Annual CT600 Submission

Corporation Tax

When it comes to limited company tax, Spartan Accounting Group can help you to calculate your tax liabilities and send them to HMRC. Additionally, after you file corporation tax with HMRC, your returns must also be sent to Companies House for publication. This is done for all registered limited companies. Furthermore, HMRC corporation tax forms are very detailed and must contain the correct information. HMRC will go through your submissions with a fine tooth comb and pick up any irregularities. Thus it is essential to only include allowable claims, along with the correct tax calculations. It is important to note that you are required to submit a CT600 even if you don’t have to pay tax.

Don’t let the regulations of corporation tax get the best of your business! Investing in expert corporation tax accountants such as Spartan Accounting Group will ensure that you are compliant. Additionally, we strive to make your business as tax-efficient as possible. Your tax submissions do not have to be a stressful and confusing process. We recommend getting in touch with Spartan Accounting Group in London to set up a free 30-minute business consultantion to discuss your business's corporation tax.

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