Maintaining a Healthy Cash Flow With Spartan Accounting Group

Keeping Track And Monitoring Your Cash Flow

If you want long-term security as a small business, one of your main priorities should always be cash flow. A consistent inflow/outflow is crucial for the running of daily operations, taxes, inventory, and staff payments. Here are a few tips for ensuring your cash flow is and remains healthy. Monitoring cash flow is the first step towards maintaining it. This means understanding expense costs, due invoices, fixed assets, inventory quantities and then calculating these against incoming payments. A cash flow statement is a record of the cash that has gone in and out of your business over a period of time. Cash flow statements are crucial to monitor and understand as they can contain patterns that can help you make necessary changes if issues are highlighted. Trying to work all this out without the use of accounting software used by professional accounting services like Spartan Accounting Group, is an uphill battle. If any of the above is confusing and you’re not mathematically inclined, hiring the services of a small business accountant from Spartan Accounting Group London, will help you understand your cash flow better and create processes that will allow you to monitor things moving forward. Your goal of reaching the top is our goal too.

The need for a more organised and accessible, to the right people, the approach is what has led to accounting moving online. In this article, we will discuss how making use of cloud accounting simplifies the process for all our clients here at Spartan Accounting Group.

Manage Expenses As Part Of Cash Flow Forecasting

Once you’ve got a clearer overview of your cash flow, it’s time to take steps to protect its security. You’ll want to focus specifically on expenses and recurring costs such as building contracts, utility bills, insurance plans, or even staff personnel. If you can adopt a mindset of fiscal conservatism, you’ll harden your business against any setbacks such as late payments, fines, or employee mishaps. The key, however, is not to overreact and cut areas that are essential to business operations, such as marketing or inventory - expense management is all about finding balance. If you find you need to reduce expenses but can’t afford to drop any of your outgoings entirely, it might be a good idea to try leasing equipment instead of buying outright. By leasing your business equipment (computers, devices, vehicles, machinery, etc.) you’ll keep more cash-free and retain the ability to expense these costs via business tax. Alternatively, you could try to renegotiate any inconvenient or expensive contracts you’re tied into. More often than not insurance, utility, or business providers can be convinced that a lower rate is better than no rate at all. Expert accountants at Spartan Accounting Group London can assist you with all your cash flow forecasting needs.

Maintaining a Healthy Cash Flow With Spartan Accounting Group

Business Adaptation To Positively Impact Your Cash Flow

It’s one thing to reduce a couple of overheads but often, cash flow problems are endemic to the business itself. If this is the case, you may need to bring in an expert business advisor to help layout templates for a better business plan, invoicing, or legal/financial practices. For example, by transitioning to the digital space, you can modernise your business and formulate new, less expensive business processes. The obvious (albeit often-overlooked) key to fixing a stagnant cash flow is simply to increase revenue itself. Easier said than done, but if you’re able to, for example, successfully diversify your product range, bring in new clients or mastermind an effective marketing campaign, you may be able to increase your income and render many of the small issues irrelevant. Cash flow is all about circulation - you need to make sure it’s coming in and going out at a controllable, manageable rate. To achieve this, remember that knowledge is key. By hiring a business advisor or small business accountant from Spartan Accounting Group in London, you are guaranteed success where you need it the most. We will help you understand your cash flow to enable you to make better business decisions and ensure growth. 

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