Planning a UK LLP Formation

Where Do You Start Planning a UK LLP Formation?

When planning a UK LLP formation, generally speaking, the very first step of starting your business is to identify an area of your own particular interest or talents or a particular opportunity within a specific sector. Once you have done this, you might be wondering, which steps do I take to planning a UK Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) formation? Spartan Group Accounting, with our many years of experience in the financial industry, is happy to give you the low down in this blog article. While we will give you an oversight of some of the main aspects to consider, it is always recommended to seek the advice or services of professionals when it comes to your LLP formation.

Not only does this ensure that you are doing things right the first time, but it will also help you to better understand the inner working of your business’s financial department in the long run. Furthermore, this knowledge could help you to make better financial decisions.

First Things First

To get your LLP started, you will need to have the following in order; a company name, a registered business address, and two or more delegated members on board. Furthermore, you will need to register with the partnership with Companies House, as well as an LLP agreement. This agreement will contain information about the nature of your business and how you will run it. Careful consideration of the rules specific to LLP companies needs to be taken into account, as they vastly differ from an ordinary business partnership. An experienced LLP accounting firm such as Spartan Group Accounting can help you with the nitty-gritty details of these rules.

The rules surrounding the choosing of a business name are also important to consider and can be rejected by Companies House if they do not comply. Additionally, you will need to ensure that your registered business address is a physical address and is within the same area that your LLP is registered.

The Registration Process

Once you have the aforementioned details in place and know that the information is correct, you can submit your LLP registration through one of three options. You can register through an accountant, by post or through approved software. Having an accountant on board will give you the advantage of an experienced eye-checking of your information before submission. This option is the most likely to ensure that there are minimal or no comebacks that will delay the process.


An accountant will also be of utmost value when you are drafting your LLP agreement. For instance, Spartan Group Accounting has a vast amount of experience as an LLP accountant along with company formation. This means that our accountants are able to take the stress out of your LLP agreement. We can offer advice on the contents of your agreement to ensure that the information provided is relevant and accurate. This will include, responsibilities of members, profit shares and liabilities.

Small Business Accountants in London You Can Trust

At Spartan Group Accounting, we offer fixed fee accounting to help you with your consistent budgeting, while receiving high-quality accounting services. Once your registration process is completed and approved, you will need to look at the next steps of business. This, naturally, entails the actual running of your business. With Spartan Group Accounting on your team, we will ensure that you keep accurate financial records of your business, comply with statutory regulations, and submit your required records on time. Our accounting services help you from the planning of a UK LLP formation to your everyday bookkeeping services further down the line.
Ultimately, we can tailor-make a package to suit your individual business needs to help you with all aspects of your LLP accounting. Whether your industry is constructionproperty investment, or retail view our full list of fixed fee accounting services and get in touch with Spartan Group Accounting today if you are in the process of planning a UK LLP formation.

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